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conversation at market


Arian walks up to outdoor market: Hello :)

Aya: (wai greeting) Hello, are you well today?

Yes, thank you. How are you?

I'm well, thank you. We have fresh fish, just brought to shore this morning. Our fishers have returned with a great catch. It is a happy day for my family and the town. Please, take one free. (She hands to you in a little pouch. The pink fish is dusted with salt.)

Where do you get ice for your fish? I haven't seen ice in a long time.

You are new here. I'm happy to tell you the overseers have allowed the creation of ice (by science). Only a few things are allowed to be created for certain situations, because of the abuse of course.

I heard you have trouble with the abuse.

Yes, sir, many places also as you may know. The bad ones are doing their bad deeds.

(I am new:) Yes I have just arrived from Sora.

Ouw! Sora? So far! Please accept our welcome to you here in Alvaria. Are you in need of arrangements?

Well, yes I am. First I thank you for my first meal. Also I will need to find a place to camp until I become more settled. Do you know of a place?

Ka, very welcome. You plan to stay for awhile, then?

I do.

Okay, (politely), please come visit us this evening. We will be on the mountainside not far from here. We will cook and have a fire, with many friends. You come see us and meet my family, and we can also help you with arrangements. Would you like to come?

Yes, thank you!

Ka, yes sir, of course. Please wait a moment, I will give you a map. Okay? I be right back.


I'm sorry I cannot find a real map, so I have to draw you one, (giggle.) Hope you can read. (...) Read the map, I mean. (Flush and smile.) Sorry, my English is not good. (She draws on a peice of parchment actually made from elephant manure but works wonderful as paper.) You are here, I draw the well and market. Just follow this road... (she goes on to point, draw, and explain.) Then enter the forest here at the corner, and head North until you reach the edge, be careful! Only come before dark because is very dangerous without light. You probably smell smoke and see the fire, easy to see, I am sure you find us. It's very beautiful place. See you there sir?

Yes, I look forward to it.

(Smile and nod.) I will just continue my work today, very hot in the kitchen so I'm glad to came outside for cool air, and meet you too! If you need anything just knock on this back door, my family can help you. (Wai) see you again. Bye!

[Consider a window through which you can see her family working at stoves, also through which they watch for customers outside.]

You can explore the town and buy whatever little you can afford. Maybe get yourself a few pieces of fruit/food.

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