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conversation at campfire

(spoken into iPhone)

During the campfire conversation Erie music begins to play. The Firelight reflects on some dark figure climbing over the edge of the nearby Cliff. This may be an opportunity for you to act first and influence the characters opinion about you. You might protect one of the girls in a swift moment as you stab a sharp stick into The giant spiders head. This will not necessarily be a battle. Everyone is surprised to see this happen. They knew that there were mutant creatures in the valleys below and in other parts of the world, but they had barely been seen. They are thankful for your swift help. However, it's not over. More spiders emerge from over the edge and a true turn based battle ensues. Some of the characters will be involved, and some will be hiding in the background. Once they are dead, serious conversation. Everyone agrees that they must help defend their village from these newly appeared menaces. They must be nesting on the Cliff side. They are large enough to eat birds. You feel that you truly have come just the right time to this place. Perhaps it is related to your heartfelt prayer to be of help somewhere and to be giving with your life and energy.

A decision is made to study the spider but also to investigate how many more there might be on the Cliff side. This will mean climbing down a ways. The plan is made to meet on a certain day at a certain time with a select few people and rope climb down the edge.

This gives you more time to explore, talk to people, perhaps make future arrangements. Buy supplies. If you arrive to the meeting place they ask you if you are ready.

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