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gameplay ideas

——— IDEAS ———

—— Story Elements
      you go down a dark hole. a giant spider comes into view as if first-person viewing, then the scene backs out and it's a little 2-pixel spider hanging in front of Arian's face.

Having a dream after a conversation about how powerful LS can be. And in the dream you can play for awhile experiencing different LS elements.

—— Gameplay
      your team characters look at each other or you after standing awhile.
      from up on a cliffside: you can view distant lands and pick one. using a glider you can cross unto another island. the way home may have to be by boat, but the winds generally blow in favor of returning. the glider may be built with LSI materials and be very strong and lightweight.
      binoculars. she peers through the jungle leaves. she hands them to you and you can move the circular vision about a little until you spot what she had seen.
      physics arrow shot. target with mouse, click and drag. pin it to the tree.
      get into a little rowboat, cross the river.
      paralax scrolling
      character idle animations. looking around, hand on hip. also if holding a sword, sticking it into the ground and stretching for a moment.

— Items
A drug elixer that makes you stronger but unable to speak empathetically to others, which begins to ruin your relationships, especially with Aya. If you don't learn your lesson and purchase some more, she will leave you. After it wears off the second time, you will likely not be able to find the stuff any more or won't have the money to buy it.

divine scrolls that speak of The Way.

Battel: guns, archery, knives, swords, throwing
Survival: butchering, skinning, making fire, cooking
      use skinning knife to remove skin
      use hacksaw to open carcass
      butcher meat with knife
      sharpen with a wetstone when needed

— Inspired from REALITY on Earth
      edible rocks. they look like rough chunks of stone, but crack them open and find edible fleshy insides.
      volcanic lightning - bolts of red lightning created by intense static and electrical charge during eruption.
      a map necklace - a flat square of metal that outlines the roads and paths of a village or town. anything not travelable is transparent.

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