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gameplay issues

Started Jan, 2017

Issues: love triangle. Fight for a girl by kindly sharing your experiences, being a good listener, giving her attention and care. Be there when she needs you. Win her heart over. You are a foreigner which is something she may be a little apprehensive about, but at least as much intrigued about.

If lose the battle, or you just don't care to engage it at all, you may end up finding another young lady, much more helpless and in need. You just so happen to be at the right place and the right time to be her knight in shining armor. Sure, someone else may have been there instead of you, and she may have took to them just as well. But there is no less a special feeling knowing that you were the one. You are confident you can be what she really needs, her love, her strength, her security. It is natural for you to care for the downtrodden, especially a lovely little flower who has been greatly ignored and overlooked most of her life.

The first girl is practical and confident. People recognize her unique attributes, her focus, patient hard work, absense of complaining, honor to serve others. She is loyal and will always be who she appears to be.

The second girl is especially cute, lonely, unsure, shy. She is the victim of an unfortunate lot of life circumstances. Your heart may be drawn to her for the very fact she is overlooked, like a pretty little bottle kicked around in the city streets and gutters. She may surprise you, and even herself, when love is poured out on her. She may blossom into something incredible, while always remaining humble and low like drops of dew in the early morning light. A hidden insight, a depth of emotional capacity, a healer who needed to be healed.

More issues!
Issue: food is scarce. There is a need for hunters, not just of the wild animals, but those who can defeat the mutant animals and beasts, some of which also provide a good deal of food and medicine. Perhaps you may earn the privilege of joining a special group who sets out on the most dangerous missions. It may be hard because of your growing love for a girl. But you want to prove yourself to her. It would only do the relationship better, so long as you live. Shoving swords into nasty giant slugs with razor-sharp teeth. Whipping the heads off of strange mutant plants that can walk across the ground. Sending arrows cleaving into the flesh of mutated boars who can run faster, and are larger, than any boar. Feed the people; earn her admiration and love.

Issue: The strange beasts and mutated creatures are encroaching upon the comfort and security of the people of the land. Will you be able to not only fight them back, but find the source and deal it an eternal blow? Protect the people; earn respect and love.

Issue: Not enough water. Venture to find water or apply technology to accumulate water. Quench the anxiety of the people; earn gratitude and honor.

Issue: A girl's first husband leaves her. She is angry and confused, but it will never be mended with him. Could you step in and show her what a loyal and loving hand really means?

Issue: There has been a murder in the town or village. It is very surprising and uncommon. The conviction is delayed for a lack of total evidence. Can you help solve the mystery of who really did the crime? Was it him? Is he hiding the evidence, or was it someone else?

Smaller issues: Repair the hang-glider. Jump the cliff in the back harness of your friend's wings and glide with him through the vase spaces between mountain heads and above green carpets and shapes of glimmering blue waters.

Help someone work on repairing the old boards of their home, produce stand, or shed. Help someone move heavy boxes, load crates onto wagons, check inventory for accuracy.

Set out to find specific herbs and berries, roots and fungus, that can be used for all sorts of medicine and food. Get paid to roam the world, fend off dangers, and successfully return with genuine treasures of nature.

Get small jobs around the village between larger ventures. Repair wagon wheels. Cook meals with spices and herbs, and see if the outcome pleases the people. Work alongside a man in his trade: chop logs, melt sand into glass, create bows, research new defenses for the towns, research powerful weapons against the foes.

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