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A longtime friend helps you escape. Understanding and respectful of your neutral stand in your homeland, he helps you stowaway on the ship that is leaving that very night. By tomorrow The ship would be gone and there may not be another opportunity to flee the land, and political disputes are intensifying. There is great pressure to join and register with a political party.

Although he does not agree or fully understand your decision, he helps you. He works on a boat and regularly travels between two countries. He has his own small cabin. He basically smuggles you wan as cargo. He also checks in a small rowboat. Having some seniority working there, he doesn't have any trouble with questions. You stay on the floor in his small cabin, wrapped in a blanket by candlelight. You stay there for some days. He provides some food for you. On a particular early morning, he sees land on the horizon. It is the island that you are going to ditch the ship and had four. The boat that he brought his already on the side of the ship. Perhaps he owned that particular one from the start. Actually, while it is still dark, perhaps four in the morning, he stirs you to get up. You are to follow him or perhaps be transported in discreetly somehow to this little boat. The little rowboat has a rain cover but you slip under and hide until the ship is at its closest point in passing the island.

He returns to you later when the sun is up a bit and I just the right moment he quickly releases the rowboat down into the water. It is unfortunately light out but there is no choice. Originally you had hoped that the time you would make would bring you into the island predawn. However because of perhaps some little storm, the ship is delayed a couple hours.

He wishes you the best, an old friend waving goodbye as you roll away from the ship. You hear him being questioned for a short bit, but the conversation drowns away. You are confident that he will work himself out of his predicament. And certainly, the boat being his property, and the stowaway on wanted anyway, there certainly not going to stop there ship to bother with you.

Perhaps, in fact, you just hear him explaining that you were a stowaway and in order to get rid of you, he put you on that boat and told you to fend for yourself as a consequence. Being that nobody cares much for those islands, perhaps, nobody cares that you be banished to them. Waste of a good boat is the only thing they mumble.

Perhaps he even claims that he found you stealing rations and sneaking about. Better to get you off the ship earlier. And certainly rob you of your seeming intention to get to the other country the ship was headed to. Quite a consequence in deed for the apparent stowaway. Such cost to travel is no small price, so there is good motive for a stowaway. Perhaps he even opens some of the rations containers and makes it appear that you were there earlier.

And so you row, row, row. You are exhausted as your boat finally glad to shore, sweat dripping from your face. You jump in the water and indulge the cool crisp clean sea. It is a beautiful beach. Seagulls circle above, a little crabs scurry across the sand, little waves lap at the shore. You pull the boat up on the sand.

Now, Alvaria is a group of islands, one of which you land on. However, if I wished to expand the story beyond those islands in this or a later game, the entire galaxy or larger could also have the same name. Perhaps those islands were named such because they resembled the stretch of universe that is actually called by that name.

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