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LSI Lucid Science Imbued

LSI notes beginning 2017-04-30

Imbued: craftsmanship that is permeated with a quality of lucid science, LS.

For example, a sword that was crafted with a quality of heat based on velocity. The harder you swing the sword, The hotter the blade instantly becomes. It also cools the instant velocity decreases. This means that some of the skill depends on you - your strength of swing, but you are assisted by the LS. It may reach a sudden 500 or 1000°F and remain undamaged. You can imagine the extra power that such a sword would possess. If hot enough it would certainly melt straight through natural or crafted armors as long as they too were not imbued.

Another example, armor. Imbued with a quality of featherlightness and the elements of a gemstone. It may be as strong as diamond but as light as leather.

Other examples of craftsmanship with LS: brightly glowing gems used as torches. An electrically charged rod that connects with something in the direction aimed.

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