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music inspiration

Special songs that have been with me through this project's inspiration:

Purl & LAV: A State of Becomming. listening to the intro right now with the nature sounds and the quiet notes is so perfect for this game's atmosphere. even an element of the rhythm that proceeds is an interesting possibility. kept subtle it could be background but also motivating and carrying for the player.

Darshan Ambient: Slow Drum
Medwyn Goodall, Medicine Woman 5 - most of the album.


CAVES: Transmission Shelter mixed with deep.wav or deep pools.wav and feedback echoes. Insane combinations found in ambient / nature. deep stuff great for mysterious caves. check out abstract echoes 01 for creep spider sounds. deep + that one works beautifully.

My Work (Other):

Darshan Ambient: Silver
      While looking at Arian and Aya standing, facing each other closely, and then both turning to face the screen. It's like a final scene to the game, some beautiful setting sun in the background.
Brian Eno: An Ending

Medwyn Goodall, Medicine Woman 5, The Rainforest
Brambles: Deep Corridor
Robert Rich: Mycelia

Patrick O'Hearn: Life Along the River Vaal
      felt nice when I pulled back an arrow and there was a huge lightning bolt where it struck.

John Mark: Celtic Story
Eric Tinstad: Aladdin and others

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