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background b - who are you

You must establish a life for yourself in a foriegn land. In the process you will help people, make friends, defend them, and ultimately be a key in aiding them through a great trial for which they will be forever grateful.

why did you leave home, and country? you want to grow up and find yourself, by meeting others, by new experiences, by adventure, by leaving everything you'd known as a boy behind. also, you'd heard that the culture here is warm but moderately primitive, and could use help. you have a certain basic knowledge of Lucid Science, something taught by your grandfather and father. and you have a few LS utilities that may be helpful for the people there. actually your dream is to find a young woman that you favor and help her and her family with what you have to offer, as you know that times are tough for the people. caravans have been unable to reach the small settlements with food and supplies, so there is no trading and the economy is hurt. the caravans just disappear. some have been found completely ravaged and empty, like some wild animal got ahold of it. in some cases all the supplies remained there, unless they were food. usually the food was gone. some people suspect rebel groups, others blame animals, others have imagined monsters of some kind. one thing is for sure, the caravans are too affraid to continue, as they rarely make it.

you come from a land somewhat more advanced, but the people of your world are not very interested in helping. only a few like yourself have independently sought out opportunities to be of assistance. you decide that such a quest is just what you want to do with your life. you might be a sort of hero, although not for your own glory so much as the satisfaction of making a difference in at least one young lady's life, her family, her friends.

you're rather tired of the general attitude and lifestyle where you come from. people seem self-interested. they're not necessary doing anything wrong but are rather aloof, and consider this choice to be like some wild and dangerous thing. the cultures are separated by a great sea.

it's time to get away. to let the wind toss about your hair as you peer off the front of a great sailing ship. this ship will be taking a trip across this sea, but not to the island you desire; it just happens to pass nearby there. when you learn of this you become a stow-away. you actually hide in a rowboat on the ship's side, under a canvas cover for the rain. during the night you are able to relieve yourself off the side of the boat because it is dark. there are plenty of times, unfortunately, that you have to pee yourself during the day. it takes about 10 days to arrive at the island. you had packed away a lot of water and dry fish jerky, enough to last about 12 days. The distance is roughly 2000 miles. Because of the permission of the use of LSI (Lucid Science Imbuement), boats are being designed with a weight-reduction that very mildly alters gravity and materials that are very lightweight. This allows the ship to sail at about 200 miles in 24 hours.

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