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scene - Aya at the window

the stars like the DNA of God
oh heavens, guide me
i wish to be used by you
helping others
please be with my father
and when it is time,
let him rest with you.

Aya looks out the window at night
awake although tomorrow is so pivitol
requiring rest.

i will follow this man
who is truly spiritual and
being used for a wonderful cause.
i am deeply motivated for the same cause.

through mountains,
crossing rivers, wide opens spaces,
through rain and thunder,
sun and meadows,
huddled on cliffsides in the cold,
hunger and tiresome travel,
even the snows of the northern islands,
i will stick by his side.
i will support his effort,
forgive his poor decisions,
love him.

together we are one,
united in the same cause,
to bring relief to our people
who still have faith in The Way.
who know that these deceptions
do not originate with the Creator.
so influential they appeal to
immediate gratification
and the impatience of a faithless generation.
these men who rise up
by the power of some unknown rebel,
and divert people from what is true and right.

// a scene

10 years later.
Arian is looking out the window at the sunny green hillsides. Aya approaches from behind, placing a hand on his shoulder. she looks out with him, saying nothing for a moment.

"it's so good to see the sun," she says. for it had been raining for some days.

"yes," he replies. "the sun of the happy God."

"we wish all people could see this way," she says softly.

"thank you, Aya," he says on turning to face her. "thank you for being my support and my love for all these years."

she smiles. "always will i be," and embraces him.

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