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scene - essense of characters

glistening drops of water fly, catching sun. she hits the water surface with her palm. her smile is like the fire of summer.

all the droplets blurring and spraying and falling and glimmering. then the horizon. softly pulling back into focus, Ellie.

an introduction to a chapter. the depth of the music is everything.

can i bring my characters to life?

Arian draws the bow. the arrow stings the ground; an explosion of electricity and thunder, deafening, brilliant, and blackening.

Ellie - unity of energy. stands by you as you both glow. she moves at light speed, drawing a short bow, releasing a tiny deadly dart of an arrow, driving it so deep into the beast, arrow after arrow, pinning it to death's door, blinding its eyes, crippling its limbs, puncturing its every organ.

Erika - self-sacraficing loyal life-bleeder. transmitting the life force of evil creatures into you - her savior and lord. deep and calm like cool rivers, she is a flow, energizing you with incredible power, draining the life of herself, in that crucial moment when enemies are overpowering, when there is no way out, when your lives moments are as the last bits of sand in the hour glass. she transfers her every ounce of energy and life into you, and you are healed and impotent, nearly invinsible for a time, as you destroy your enemies. will she live through?

Ryan - fiery, intelligent fighter with a deep cause. a man of big mugs of beer and fire light. of good times and bright eyes. of confidence in a dark world; of loyalty. every boot step in the darkness of caves. every fastened buckle. every lantern shadow and soft sound of leather and cloaks. swords drawn, arrows at ready. we plunge into the tunnels, the gloom, the nest of the disgusting, the horde of the enemy, the glint of their red eyes, the creep of their stabbing legs, the heart of victory - the edge of change - the risk of our lives and the opportunity to save others.

//where are you my brother? do i have within me some secret key, some understanding of you, because you are my flesh and blood? and am i the only one who can thus be such a powerful influence over your life? am i missing such opportunity? because you seem to have lost your way. i hadn't heard from you in years. and here you are doing this thing, because you find power in it. because you can rule and be someone. finally be someone rather than a failure.

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