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falling stars, into the sea. we have asked the Creator for a sign. at night we stood atop our homes and watched. they rained beautifully, lights sprinkling down from the crystal sky.
looking through the edge of canvas out at the sea, listening to the voices of the crew on deck, looking at your meager rations and water, and hoping you made the right decision.

the ship pushing through the seas, water spraying off the sides, wind in the sails, and your little rowboat one among others hanging off the side. perhaps a head pokes out?

When the time is approaching, you spot the island, but it is unfortunately morning. You will not be able to make the escape in the dark. They will surely see you, but you lower the boat and disconnect from the ship. Then you row like a madman. You can only imagine the discussions as to whether they think they should halt their course just to pursue one small rowboat and an unwanted stow-away. It would likely be a frustrating waste of time. now you are rowing away from the ship toward the screen, toward the rocky shore of a new world.

Without warning she bends down on one knee. You are near death. The world goes dim as she faintly glows. A spiral of lights forms around her, orbiting her gracefully. A path forms on the ground, travelling from her toward you. A beautiful neon connection like an aurora. The spiral of lights travels it, looping in the air, then landing directly upon you with a brilliant flash. Her energy drains into you, empowering you. Great love and self-sacrafice permit her to use this form of power.

In another instance: light is pulled from surrounding enemy creatures and empowered into one of the team.

It is the character that matter in these scenes, not just the special effects. It is the power of friendship, loyalty, self-sacrafice. Qualities of teamwork and love that are the source of the lucid science depicted. It is fueled by such. That is why it is more powerful than an evil spirit and passion for selfish ambition. The inner qualities are the source of power for LS. Love cannot fail.

Your friend's sword glows, he jams it into the head of a spider, running it through to nearly the butt end. He lifts it off the ground, flings it across the cave, where it bounces off the wall in sure death.

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