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background d - monsters

monsters created by abused LS are generally enlarged and mutated bugs and creatures of the natural world. they are also sometimes given some powerful imbuement, such as the capacity to carry electricity, to seemingly defy gravity, to be extremely fast, to be tough-skinned or shelled beyond expectation.

from the sea:

crabs with powerful snappers, tougher shells, faster legs, and sometimes the ability to hop into the air.

sea-snakes that are lightning fast, huge, poisonous as usual or moreso, electrically charged like an eel, and can wrap around you like a boa.

urchins that can turn sand-colored, shoot spikes out at least once, and scoot along faster across the sand.

octopus that can walk on the sand and survive out of water longer than usual, stretch its tentacles, carry poison in them, grip you, drag you into the water.

from the forest:

spiders that are huge, cloaked, fast, and poisonous.

forest snakes that are like sea-snakes but cloak tree colors, and disappear down holes to escape only later to return.

giant ants, fast and poisonous.

piranhas, more aggressive and larger.

poisonous dart frogs, sometimes still small, but can hop ridiculously high for their size, and just touching you poisons you. come out of the tree and surprise!

centipede that is ugly as heck. see reference image. gray and yellow and red. long and huge and fast.

komodo-type dragon lizard.

from the rocky cliffs:

some of the mentioned forest creatures, plus:

scorpions. large, fast, and carry an electrical charge besides poison.

from the unknown:

lucid science may have the ability to pull genetics or DNA and mix it with modern creatures to get some very surreal results.

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