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background e - introduction

You don't know why. The elders don't know why. People have changed. I knew spirit has arisen in your homeland. There is selfishness and violence. People are arguing about rulership, claiming that someone has manifested some Power. And yet someone else has also done so. There is suddenly all of this attention and importance put on certain individuals, which never used to be the case. The Way, that was how to live. It was to be guided by goodness and selflessness, giving, Love. But it is no longer safe to live where you live. Only a few people meet together, and discuss arrangements for departure. Things grow intense over the next few days, and you are no longer able to leave with them. You receive a letter and are advised to sneak onto a ship that is making its annual travel to another country. It has been reported that the same situation has been going on there, although possibly worse. You are to abandon ship to a small island that it passes by. Otherwise it will be too late and you will be prevented from departure by the next morning.

The truth is, although yet unrevealed, certain spirit beings have been creating human bodies for themselves and pretending to be human. People are being influenced and persuaded to follow them instead of the way. The power is enticing, true. But the results are obviously negative. You desire to follow the way, which is ancient and has always promoted peace. You're not sure how things will turn out in the land you come from, but rowing up to the sands of this remote island is a great relief.

However, you will soon come to discover that not all is perfect in this land either. Rebel spirits are playing a power game. They are all consumed by independence and self will. It began in the divine world, and it has transferred to the world of humans, who have been good and loving for so many thousands of years.

Although you do not know it, your good attitude and heart are being guided to help protect this island from becoming enveloped by the rule of this cloaked spirit creature in human form. He has been manipulating the land and its creatures in order to assert his power. In human form he can do much less then spirit form, but he has intelligence beyond the normal human, and influence because of being like a human. He understands lucid science.

Because of your lineage and because of your good nature, you are granted by the elders to have the same understanding of lucid science. However, your goal is much different. It is to protect and help these people, rid the land of these creatures, and ascertain the source. Possibly a couple others will be with you as well with certain understanding of lucid Science.

Along the way of you are trying to understand the source, killing off nasty creatures, you are also introduced to potential relationships. With friends, but especially a certain young lady named Aya. There may be at least one other potential path to the relationships, a different girl instead.

Alongside the adventure, the fight for good, helping others and encouraging them, and trying to discover the source of this strange phenomenon, there is the romantic relationship developing.

At this point, through most of the game, the general big picture is in the background, occasionally arising in conversations. But the focus is more so on the relationships you have, and the love story.

As your use of lucid science strengthens, and as you grow in wisdom and understanding of it, eventually you will discover the masked rebel angel. But it is not your appointment to destroy him, which you probably could never do. At this point you must call upon the highest level of lucid science, which will not prevail, but will open something new because of your self sacrifice. In fact you are willing to give your life to detain this enemy. However, intervention occurs, and good spirit creatures appear in a brilliant flash of lightning, thunder, and brilliant light, and they show their power in detaining this one. Just before they appear, this one reveals himself, that he is not human. It is shocking, that your new abilities pale in comparison. But this is when higher powers take over. You appear to be dead during this intervention. But you are brought back to life.

This would be the end game. You will be congratulated and rewarded great position because of your humble self-sacrificing spirit. And you win the wonderful girl who supports you the whole time. This brings the story to a close, but also leaves open the possibility that there are still yet other spirit beings doing the same thing in other lands. Perhaps with your new appointment, you may be further used.

One major potential conflict would be your love subtly becoming enticed by the power of that one. She talks to you, unsure of how she feels, but expresses her attraction to it. The enemy makes use of this against you. He offers to heal her father as well, and offers her a life that helps everyone under his rule. A potential story of forgiveness. You could have the opportunity to forgive or let her go for another one.

The other one. The lowly, lonely girl you find at an old house as you wander off to deal with your pain. She lost her parents to death, a sickness probably caused by the rebel or the spiders he made. She "hopes to see them again," indicating a faith. However, she is very down and low. You could take her into your loving arms and lead her to a new life. Although you forgive the first, in this case you decide to let her go.

Because of your coming here to do good for others, God has noticed and soon appoints you to understand and use Lucid Science. It is provided by a group of elders in the town who are appointed by God to maintain the physical and spiritual health of the land.

The true background issue is that of a rebellion that takes place thousands of years after the first couple who did not sin. The first rebellion in heaven did not disuade the first couple and the rebels were destroyed in time. Later, however, another rebellion influenced many humans and the rebels were not immediately destroyed in order to allow time to prove that the claim that humans can be independent from God would prove false.

Most people do not realize what is actually going on and only studious elders have understanding.

You don't know either. But because of your willing spirit and good heart, you are noticed and appointed to help.

Rebel spirit creatures have taught Lucid Science to humans in order to dominate. Only some had ever been given permission by God to use this, the ancients, trustworthy people from long ago, and they used it so discretely that it is widely unseen and only talked about.

Now it is manifesting in a showy and wicked way by those who misuse it. They are learning to deform creatures of the world to harm and scare others into submission. To bring glory to themselves.

To summarize the theme: Rebelious spirit creatures influence humans to become powerful and independent from God. Your good nature opens the way for your appointment to help in defending good people until the issue is resolved.

This will naturally make you hated by and a target of the wicked. There will be great difficulty and tests, but if you stay on course, you will be assisted by God. When you are weakest, you will be made powerful.

If you die in battle or for any other reason, you will be resurrected.


If you die at any point in the game, you will directed down a separate story path after resurrection to a later time. Or you can always load a saved game. If you do not die at all, the ending will be different. Also the ending may be different in two or three ways down each of those paths (dying or not dying.)

You live in a country where the rebellion begins. It is influencing many people. Not wanting to be among them any longer, one of the elders there arranges a meeting for all who want to do what is right. Only a few show up. This small group of people concludes they must leave, for the land will be judged and the association is dangerous. Your own parents have been enticed. You are the only one of your family who will leave. Others in the group have family in other lands, and they wish to depart for there.

You are advised to return home to pack only a few basic necessities and after a few days you will be sent a letter with further instructions.

The city you live in is turning to chaos. Factions are rising against each other with powers you've never seen. They manifest their power in showy ways and influence people into submission.

The letter comes in and you are informed that your city has grown very dangerous and because of your location you are separated from the rest of the group. You are advised to flee on a leaving ship that very night before the situation completely prevents your escape. It is said to be crossing over to do trading with another country hundreds of miles away. However, it will pass by a certain remote island. If at all possible, you must abandon ship and stay at the island. For the country to which the ship is headed is reported to be in no better shape than your own, possibly worse. If you can escape to this island you will be shown hospitality because the people there are not apart of and hardly effected by this rebellion. Although nobody is personally known there, your chances are much better. It concludes with "we pray that you are guided and helped to reach this island. In wisdom, please carefully consider how to hide yourself on that ship, possibly a row boat on the starboard side, and cut yourself loose when you see the land on the horizon in the West. We pray for clear weather, and we have confidence in your escape. When you arrive, please send word to us, [address]. May the true God be with you."

Choosing to be selfish or to side with the rebellion results in a brief seeming success but soon you are attacked by another faction in a battle you cannot win. As you die, a short cut-scene shows your hand gripping the earth, and you say under your breath "please forgive me," as the game ends.

Also I am keeping in mind that the entire story can be toned down to more of a right/wrong good/evil nature, using The Way and other words in place of specific words like God and even Jehovah. It becomes more neutral, appealing to the good in players but not forcing or assuming a strong love for God as they likely don't have.

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