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Adam and eve did not sin in this story. A rebellion occurred later in human history. Technology is based on Lucid science. It is not the use of electronics, nor are there large cities as we see today.

There are those who were born in sin and those who were born in perfection. But being born in sin does not automatically make you rejected by God. It depends on what you do with your life. Since many sinful humans are proving themselves to be spiritual and humble people, the rebellious spirit creatures have decided to intensify their efforts. Some are taking human form and taking Lucid science to a new level. Also to a forbidden and evil level. Such knowledge and understanding of lucid science was never permitted to be used in an uncontrolled or irresponsible way. There are scrolls written about such things. Inspired by God, these are part of the letters from God pertaining to what his will is and the standards and principles that he sets for humans. Also after the rebellion when sin entered into the human race, there are scrolls pertaining to those who wish to maintain the favor of God and what they must do. As a test of faithfulness God allows rebel angels to try to prove that humans will not stay faithful by taking body form and influencing them through selfish forms of thinking and conduct. They attempt to set up a sort of leadership over others, a cause, A fight for a new freedom, that envelops the human race as total rebels of God. Everyone has the opportunity to choose to be faithful or not. This is what will determine their resurrection or eternal sleep.

The perfect ones who fall prey have no second chance. But they do produce offspring in the meantime before their death, and you are from such an imperfect family line. Perfect humans are generally recognized because they do not age. However, those born in sin are not jealous of them if they have the right attitude, rather they are thankful and very grateful that they have the prospect of eternal life as well, so long as they remain faithful until their death in old age. This death acquits them of the sin they inherited and opens the door for a resurrection to perfection and endless life, with the same requirement as is always on humans, to remain faithful and humble and loving. There are some but fewer sicknesses and tragedies of violence or terrorism as we see in our world, but it is getting worse because of the pressure that rebel angels are putting on the human race. This is because they are losing their attempt to fell the entire human race, and they know that eventually the unfaithful ones will die off and those who are faithful to death will be resurrected, eventually purifying the human race. So these demons desire to bring as many down with them as possible, as they are realizing that people can still prove faithful despite imperfection, old age, and temptations to follow in their ways.

I'm not sure but apparently this entire rebellion would only last a few generations? Or longer, until enough imperfect people have proven faithful, perhaps more than those who proved unfaithful. This would clearly outweigh the fall, imperfect faithful people being more numerous than the perfect who fell.

You are alive at a point when things are intensifying. Never before has there been so much pressure on all humans, the enticement and temptation of power and freedom from God. Apparently they claim to be able to teach their own power to all who follow them, and claim that they can even live forever this way. This is allowed by God to prove that no matter how intense it gets, even imperfect humans can be faithful and reject improper desires, and trust God despite the threats and fears of these demons in human form and all their followers.

As they are using their power to mislead others, you have been granted exceptional understanding and wisdom in the realm of lucid science. The elders have revealed to you that you are of a chosen class who must help protect the innocent. Many people are able to work various forms of lucid science, but you have been given an exceptional ability. It is not to be showing off to others, but in most cases used discreetly. But the need of this is because the wicked have begun to threaten innocent people to such a great degree that intervention is needed so that they are not wiped out. Their manipulation of natural creatures has resulted in giant spiders and other deformed beasts. Through Lucid science you will be able to help eradicate the area where you have come to live. You are not the hero of the world, but given special gifts to help protect the people of the land.

After all, God wants to see a person live out his life faithfully, not be destroyed. But the enemy is doing this as a scare tactic, and using their power as influence to follow their lead. "Join or be destroyed". The faithless will fall victim to these threats. They will question how just a few individuals could possibly prevent the overwhelming harm that is taking place. And they do not accredit your abilities to God's help, rather just being intelligent at Lucid science. They may even try to make you a leader rather than trusting God. However, faithful and spiritual ones will recognize you being used as a tool and will be strengthened in there resolve to stay faithful come what may. After all, if God can empower an imperfect individual to do such wonderful things, he can and will put an end to the evil in the world at the right time.

The girl you choose to marry, she will be given also such wisdom so as to be your sidekick in doing God's will.

Humbly making yourself available you will both be used as instruments in strengthening these oppressed people, encouraging them, and protecting them from total harm, perhaps even healing in some cases. But always you will do so discreetly, because it is not possible nor your life's mission to heal everyone and pave an easy path for them, because after all there is an issue to be resolved, whether humans will prove faithful despite adversity. But there will be times when those showing faith, and to further God's will, there will be times when healing and other powers will be used.

You will be given assignments and sometimes it will not be clear what you need to do, but along the way you will get to know based on your belief in what is good and right and loving. Of course in the background you are being divinely helped and guided.

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