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challenges, risks, rewards

writing beginning 2012-07-20

needs: maintaining physical health, cures for sicknesses, food, water, rest, shelter, clothing, esteem from NPCs

challenges: breaking limbs, other bodily injuries, getting sick (a snake bite, being cold or hot for too long), getting hungry and thirsty, sleep deprivation, keeping safe from the wild and elements, warm clothing, helping NPCs do things small or great

consequences: slower movement, blurred vision (screen), unable to work or do certain other things, reduction in health (eventually nearing death), items stolen from you, property damage from wild or elements, inhibited skill progress, unable to lift heavy things, NPCs won't befriend or do business

benefits: bonuses to skill progress, better work results (higher quality crafts), more yield to crops or any gathering, more rare finds due to better perception, greater strength (some items are heavy), getter endurance (takes longer to die), NPCs will return favors

skill level is static, but performance (results) are effected by your character's health. better health means better yeild. esteem from NPCs means better prices, returned favors, higher quality work at less cost.

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