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Alvarian Tales BATTLES are turn based with a time limit, creating a sense of urgency.

Action Points: Used to do things during a battle, including accessing your bag, equiping items, making an attack.

Move Points: Move around to a better position using move points. Only rotating your character will not cost you any points.

Battle initiates when either you enter the sensing radius of an aggroing creature, or you initiate the attack when outside of it. First turn depends on possible factors like stealth, agility, or surprising the enemy from behind.

Battle GUI
Hold a key on the keyboard to get an attacking mouse cursor. Clicking on the enemy will bring up a small GUI which allows you to select what part of the body to attack. Depending on the size, abilities, and armor of the creature, as well as your own range and abilities, you will see different percentages for chance of successful hit. By default you will simply be taking a swing at the creature in general, whatever you can hit. There is still a small chance of hitting a specific limb by accident, but less so than if you are aiming. If you hit on a specific limb you can inflict certain handicaps.
- Hitting the legs causes a reduction in move points.
- Hitting the arms causes a reduction in action points or a decrease in accuracy.
- Hitting the head causes more damage.

You may alternately use a weapon or item in your other hand if it is not occupied already by a bow for example. If there are different kinds of attacks (besides aiming) this may be done via number keys. Some message or icon will indicate your intended move.

Damage amount and chance of hitting are also affected by your range and skill at ranged attack.

Knockback can take place as either something learned or a more powerful move (that costs more action points.) The enemy will be pushed back, and if he hits something, extra damage may occur.

On the enemies turn, he will use pathfinding to move toward you or away from you in cases of retreat or strategy. Scenes that will have battles take place in them must be carefully crafted to prevent the enemy from getting stuck.

Long range attack; a spontaneous electrical charge that wanders until eventually connecting up with target.

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