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character - Aya

what i left behind, what he left behind. the initial attraction blooms into this understanding. now there is resonance deep within the soul. our will is one. we are unified in motive and heartfelt desire.


take this hot drink, as we sit by the fire. as the stars twinkle cold and far away. on this cliffside away from the lurking shadows of the forest. sip with me. be warmed.

and we are forever friends. the best of friends. we will serve the people, help them stay focused, encourage them, help them practically. we will bring them food, love them, help their flame to never die. because it is dying in so many. so many are falling into the snare of selfish ambition. they lack their trust in The Way we have come to know. there is no other way that can last. you and i, we know that. we look out for each other, we help each other never fall. if we stumble, we get up again.

i was nearly persuaded. that i could heal my father if i studied in those arts. but the teachers were corrupt and their actions were not authorized. i could use it for him, though... he would no longer be sick. i have seen what they can do. it is incredible.

it was hard to resist, Arian. for I am a healer in nature. and it would have worked. i could have gave most of my life force to him. normally such a transfer is only from a wicked thing, but this was self-sacrafice. it would have worked. perhaps because i was indeed acting wickedly by using this power.

he would have been well, i kept thinking. i wanted to give him what he deserved for all he gave to me, no matter the cost. he would have risen from his bed, smiled, and been strong again. i would have cried. if it cost me my life, i would have done it.

but it is wrong, using it for selfish gain, and without permission from the elders of the land. it would cost me my conscience. i couldn't do it while knowing it was wrong and while knowing he would have been so disappointed if he ever found out how it came to be. and he would have found out. i'm sure he would in time.

so i watched him suffer. and then you came along, Arian. like a blessing for making the right choice. and we now have this prospect before us, my friend. if he never gets well, i believe in a future hope. but possibly - well, who knows? i don't think there is any herb out there capable of healing him. but i do believe that we have taken the correct path, both of us. you, for leaving that political scene, risking your life, leaving your comforts, abandoning a ship for a foreign land with no guarantee of survival. you lost your entire life because you wanted to do what is right. for myself, i left the opportunity to heal my father, whom i love so deeply. but look, i have gained you, and a clean conscience. is there anything better than sleeping on the pillow of a clean conscience?

i do not mind if the pillow must even be a rock for now, Arian. it is so much more comfortable. do you know, Arian? it is so much more comfortable.

and we have not lacked anything good. good is coming and will continue to come for the patient - and in the right way. the shortcut is ultimately a fall.

we all have to make choices. we often make the wrong ones in small ways. but we learn from them. the big ways - those are serious. perhaps both you and i could have learned from those too, and been okay in the long run. but perhaps we would not have? rather, been sucked into the thinking of the others? look what we have gained, my friend.

we have each other.
we have the horizon.
we will fight, my friend.
every day until the end, come what may.
we will fight together, my love.
in loyalty, because this is The Way.

[now she hugs you and cries.] a beautiful cry this is, Arian. this is why i trust you. because of what we both believe, and what we both would die for.



I love adventure. I love what is over the next mountain against the falling light. The story that hasn't been told, the people I haven't met. But I love all people dearly. I intuitively love them and have empathy and concern for the story of each of their lives. I am a people person, a lover, a friend. But I wish to give all of this in a superior way to a single loving man. I am a little lonely, but I am centered and hard working. I love to write little poems or paint on little squares. I am paced, and not loud, and I carefully place my fish in salt and my fruits in the stand. I am not a perfectionist but I care with my hands about each peice of fruit. It is not a matter of obsession but a matter of love.

I am loyal and forgiving, understanding because of my human intuite.

I am weak as to feeling unimportant and unworthy of what i dream. i am not overly sensitive but i am small in my own eyes.

I am a healer of the heart and the body. I know remedies and lucid science in the art of healing. because of my heart's understanding, and because of my sense of justice, i can draw out the life of an evil thing and transfer it into the life of a righteous thing. i can slowly weaken and kill that which does not belong in this universe by simply guiding its life force into something worthy.

i put my life in your hands. i have such deep respect for you. if you die, i die. where you go, i go. this kind of bond is deeper than the sea. i will bleed for you, ever reside in your heart. this is not small. i am small. what i believe in dies only with the sun. as long as it burns, as long as my hand is placed upon your heart, and even when it is torn away, i am your compliment, i am the blood that runs through you to make you live and breathe.

curled face down on the floor i am before you at your feet. i am the soles that carry you far. the lace that ties your feet. the wind that refreshes your sweat. the water that cleanses your body. the river that brings you peace. the light that warms your brow. the embrace of a cloak, the wrapping of wool, the blaze of fire on the frozen mountainside.

please come here to me. come to take me and place me before you, that i may be on my knees, that i may raised up by you in tears, that i may tremble before you, that you may give me the beautiful dignity of being your companion, and i will serve you without request, and i will love you as a flood, and i will stick to you as something inseparable, and i will warm you in the night, and i will serve you in the day, and always without request, because i will do it more than you could ask.

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