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character - Erika

Erika -
You stumble upon in the woods at an old abandoned house. She is intimate with the decay, sad in her eyes, finding solitude and the little moths and creatures of the evening light to be her best friends. She is a writer and a dreamer and lonely, all of perhaps 17 years old. She is deep and calm and quiet. Her eyes are like dark pools of sad experiences and mystery. She doesn't know true love but dreams of it. But she doesn't seek it out because of low self esteem and confidence. You could be her hero, the first person to love her, to gently care for her empty heart. Pull her out of her despair and fill her with warmth. She would serve you with her every fiber. Not as practical as Aya but deeply emotionally bonding and empathetic, she cannot stop caring for you in every moment of the day, viewing you as her lord, kissing your feet and washing them, so lowly and humble and serving.

Her special abilities may include some rare but powerful lucid science based out of the depth of her heart. She has the unique ability of not just understanding science but using what she understands in a powerfully passionate way. It may be of a great healing and energizing assistance to you, so that you are infused with a unique spirit and power that do critically more powerful actions to the enemy. It may cost her her own life force but she sacrafices it to you willingly, and you must care for her after the battle is won.

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