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2016-11-02 scenes and more

(spoken into iPhone.)

You're high above the sea on a wide grassy shelf against the side of a rock Cliff. There are flowers flecked about in brilliant magentas and yellow and red. There is some vines growing in the cracks and clefts. Between two walls of rock, over hung by strands of vine, there is a dark opening, Cave mouth. The brilliant see sparkles and stretches out to horizon of distant little white mountains of cloud that gently levitate above the horizon line, ever so slowly adrift. A strange gray spider about the size of you is hunched, camouflage against the stone. His back legs are sprawled against the Cliff behind him, above his head as he watches you.

Suddenly he begins to move, and surprisingly quick, towards you. Suddenly the game and engages in a battle mode that is turn-based. You have so many points to use for movement and for taking actions such as drawing your bow and readying an arrow. Or if you have learned some things from the scientists of your world, you may possess an item that can create a charged bolt of electricity that can come straight down from above and toast his Exoskeleton grotesqueness. Or you may possess a little laser gun from the last travel to the orbiting moon of this world. Or you may simply have a long sword that you wield very well and can take him down limb by limb.

Then with your lovely female partner, you might venture into the cave that was perhaps his home.

Another scene. This one takes place in the pub. There are little rooms you can rent. They are upstairs from the pub tables and chairs. You can store your things in there, on shelves or in chests, or on the floor, or on the table. There is a lovely view that you get when you look out of your window. (a first person view, maybe.) Perhaps it is a view of the town, or the docks that run a short ways over the water, pointing at the green apple see beyond. You meet your young lady in the marketplace down the road. Perhaps she is selling fruit, jars of honey, fresh fish. Or perhaps she is cranking the well handle to pull up some water for her animal which is also her amount, strapped with hide sacks.

It is a world of both familiarity, and fantasy, with the feel of real characters and the adventure of new technology and strange creatures.

For what reason do these strange and aggressive creatures exist? Because of the abuse of advancement in science and technology. Some people have decided to please themselves by dominating others and creating creatures that reflect their wicked personality. They have genetically modified many natural creatures, even creating hybrids with technology. So they have a motive, and the world condition is explainable. Why does it go on? They have challenged what is good and what is bad, and they have challenged what is right and what is wrong. They have left The good ways of generations before, and they are spreading their infectious attitudes. It is not for us to judge which ones have the potential of returning to goodness. And we will not kill any of them. But there is no wrong in decapitating there wretched unnatural monsters. We will leave it up to the kings and the higher beings above to judge the hearts of the rebels and to execute the appropriate punishment.

The world is otherwise a beautiful place and a peaceful paradise. But there have been introduced these monsters.

There is not just one king. There are groups of leaders that work in harmony to take care of certain parts of the world. They are not greedy for power or having things go only their way. But there is a saying that in the multitude of counselors there is success. As long as they work in harmony they are able to take a position of oversight for caring for the needs and putting a reasonable amount of limits and order at what they oversee. They communicate with other groups across the world, and every soul in the world views the other as a brother or sister. However these groups have not been completely exempt from the infectious rebellious spirit that is spreading. One or two have fallen away, seeking out a position of competition and rivalry in doing things a much different way. The real problem with this is not just what they have done, but the change of heart. No longer valuing peace and harmony and the welfare of others ahead of their own, they have grown cold and self-centered. Any rule by this sort of this position is bound to result in a mess, if not chaos. For once you leave the love of peace and harmony, there can no longer be unity, and without unity there is only disunity and corruption. The flow of good spirit has been cut off from them by their own doing, in order to please themselves.

Most people in the world recognize that it is a stupid and foolish decision, not to mention insensitive of others feelings. It is stupid because, although they have not been immediately punished for it, it will no doubt come in time, especially once all in the world recognize the disastrous results of taking such a attitude. In this way the challenge of what is good and bad, right and wrong, will be answered by its own fruitage. For a rotten tree cannot produce good fruit.

It sounds good at first. And it is made to look good with this idea of freedom to do whatever you want. It is just like poisonous candy, that is sweet at first but in the end it kills bitterly.

That is the current environment of this entire world, and the tainted atmosphere, and the insecurity of walking alone in some parts of nature. You must prove for yourself that you want no part of it, and you must encourage others to be no part of it. You must also live a life of giving. That can take the form of small things, like helping people in day-to-day practical ways, to bigger things such as slaying grotesque monsters, and bringing relief to those oppressed by the evil in someway. You will have adventures, companions, relationships, and opportunities to make choices.

You will find that you have a general reputation with people. And word will spread about your activities. You may not actually be allowed to make the choice of some serious evil, such as murder, but you may have the opportunity to either be honest or lie, purchase or steal, speak graciously or slander. Also to be giving or to be selfish, such as in the case of sharing what you have with others in need. Also, there will be the general rule that the more you give the more you will receive, not just in physical ways but in spiritual ways, such as when you are kind and gracious, or you do give something such as food or money, you will find that later, somewhere somehow, someone will give back to you in like manner. This may also be of practical help in some cases, such as the revealing of where some valuable resource is, or in some wise words that affect your abilities and understanding, such as training in the use of your bow or getting to understand the new scientific process of creating a hole in stone by turning it into sand, or in making some object levitate, or in how to cook something, and this may affect the relationship you have with someone who becomes impressed, and leads to some alternative interesting gameplay that may eventually branch back.

Now all of this is the kind of game it is going to be. To what extent and to how in-depth I use these mechanics, and which ones I'll be able to use, I will have to see. But it is the disposition I take as I go on progressing the game. That is, to allow for at least some opportunities to make choices that really do affect the game. It will not be a One Direction only, linear progress, and it will certainly not include silly unrealistic little puzzles for the sake of slowing down your progress. I will at least create the illusion of a significant amount of freedom of choice. And will actually etch out some genuine alternatives.

One question I have yet to resolve is who are you, and where did you come from? I have in mind that you come from far away, leaving behind your childhood, becoming a man in a new place to start your life, and what drew you here in the first place was the particularly exceptional need for help as far as ridding of monsters, and providing food perhaps because it has been hard for caravans to do any trading with such monsters. It has also no doubt affected the freedom for people to travel, and their general safety in the wild. I might also like to include the subtle message that the situation is temporary and is only being permitted for reasons as I mentioned earlier. You may sit down and encourage someone at some point, and if done in the right way, anyone playing this game may actually reflect on reality as being possibly similar. Although the game is not going to be focusing on that as its theme, I think I would like to include it very neatly and unobtrusively.

How many scenes in the game? Well, I'm not in a rush, but I don't want to finish this at 45 years old. I'm thinking each region we will have as mentioned 3 to 12 scenes. That is how many detailed pixel art drawings I will do per region. Thankfully the scenes are very small and certainly doable, as I have finished a few very nice ones already. But without getting too huge I would like to certainly give the impression of a huge world, and a nice thing about that is scenes like the Cliffside that I made with the campfire, and how it overlooks the distant mountains and valleys. It makes the game look humongous, and in reality you will be able to visit those areas in the distance, if only they take up a few scenes, but the impression of exploration is so great with this kind of art. I'm not sure how long the game will be, but I will give the option of playing in certain parts of the game as long as you wish. Because they are enjoyable, and because it lengthens the game playtime and replay value. Those would be things like the challenges, especially certain battles and which monsters can continuously respond, although this will be done without the sudden appearance of a monster on screen, which I have always hated in games. But it will be done by them crawling out from someplace as though there were many of them hidden. There may also be the rare chance of a certain monster encounter, yielding a rare item and an accomplishment reward, of which there will be a noted amount, and that may also provide replay value. All in all, though, it is not about so much replay value as it is about one very nice experience from start to finish, and if it is successful, I will be glad to carry-on the game in another release.

Conversations with characters will be short but very sweet in the sense that they will feel alive, the way a good novel does that. Optionally you could have more in-depth conversations without affecting your progress.

I will need to start by thinking about the first scene, or at least any scene that should be part of this adventure, and work it out to be playable. Perhaps the story, at least a lot of it, will be revealed to me as I create these individual pieces and find a way to hook them together. I kind of like discovering it for myself as I go, as long as I don't go in some random direction that is difficult to make work.

Also I need to make a list of actual challenges, monsters, battle scenarios, puzzles, and opportunities and their rewards. I might also consider characters, and draw their animations out. When I have actual animated bodies it will not be so hard to give them a personality and put them in their environment to be alive and living as they would in the world. At that point they will help direct my story very much, because fiction is folks. Yes, in fact they will be the ones affecting your experience and your opportunities.

On that note I recall that one of the most joyous experiences in programming a game was a text adventure called the secret island. And I was inspired by the thought of arriving to this new place to find a letter in your mailbox, an invitation to a bonfire on the beach that evening. This was an introduction to characters, already somebody was thinking of you, and it gave the game a warm feeling to just imagine what it will be like to attend that invitation, or whether you even will or not by choice. It gave you an option, right from the start, and a direction, but still the choice as to whether you wanted to do that or go set off exploring by yourself. I never developed it that far but it hits the same vein of game that I want to produce. One thing I do not want is this random dropping into a world where you end up wandering all around the place without much purpose and seeming to be fairly on important to those few people you meet, and having to focus only on battles and buying things and just about anything except the people. The people, the people are what matter, the characters, because doing anything with someone else is more interesting. Conversations during battle, the opportunity to complement, being complemented by your companion for your success in a battle or some puzzle or in helping them somehow. Being asked questions about yourself, feeling as though the world is interested in you. You will no doubt then be doubly glad to go on an adventure with someone by your side.

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