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"Poetry is not a code to be broken but a way of seeing with the eyes shut." - Linda Pastan

December, 2020
Welcome! What's new, visitor? Well, for me:

• Reading poetry and thoroughly studying the art and craft of it through workshops, books, and experimenting with new forms.

• Excited by new insight, I've decided to, basically, start over. Thus, there's nothing here to read anymore... for now.

• I am reviewing all work from 2003 until present, and forming new collections. The earliest poems will remain in keepsake collections after given a little polish in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and pointless enjambment.

• Collections from later years are being completely dissolved, and each poem reviewed. Those which have little to offer, and have little potential to offer more, won't be back online. There are several being revised to better convey what was originally intended, by making better use of poetic devices. A few select poems are being completely rewritten - the ones that tug at my heart, poor yet full of potential, begging to be crafted anew.

• Finally, I'm writing again. This time with well-founded confidence and passion. So, besides the revisions and rewrites, a new collection is forming.

What is poetry?
It's been over 20 years of pen to page, or fingers to keys, and I'm finally understanding what poetry really is.

The craft of poetry, even simple good poetry, is a complex effort of mind and heart. It begins with a passion for sharing experiences, dreams, hopes, desires, sorrows, even wisdom. However, imagination, feelings, and clear words are not enough.

"Poetic devices" are key - the critical principles of construction. Understanding their application is like having the wisdom of any craftsman, who skillfully uses his tools to make something beautiful. With practice this understanding will carry your work to its highest level. You will find yourself carefully and patiently framing a window with language - a window by which your reader is struck with a clear, memorable view.

A contrast between poetry and story:
Poetry serves for understanding what can't be described, but can be grasped.

Just as principle is different than rule: a principle cannot be specifically defined, yet can be discerned. Poetry evokes a perception of something larger than itself.

Poetry is shared empathy - whether joy or sadness, bittersweet love or fiery anger. It is a timeless, uniquely intimate form of human connection, awakening deep feelings in both writer and reader.

Story with linear narrative is a road you travel until the end. Poetry is a window before which you stand.